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October 02, 2012



As the owner of a pit mix pup, I hate seeing these stories because I know everyone's going to conclude that ALL pit bull dogs are dangerous. When I first came across these news stories, my first thought was "did anyone consider the circumstances?" so thank you for addressing that. My dog is very sensitive to external sights and sounds, so I know it has a huge effect on behavior.

My neighbors had a miniature dachshund that bit their 4-yr old son on the face, presumably because the child startled him. The kid had to spend a day or two at the hospital as a result. We don't hear stories like this. We just hear about the ones involving pit bull dogs. It's so unfair.


Jodi - it is irresponsible for people not to focus on the circumstances. Major bite incidents are very rare when compared to a owned dog population of 70 million+. So it is not as if dogs (regardless of breed) are prone to attacks -- thus, circumstances are the key driver behind these tragic, but rare incidents.

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