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October 29, 2012


Jen Brighton

I ordered this book from my local bookstore and read it in bed last night snuggled up with my two pups and a cat. It will come in very handy after being told yesterday by a friend that pit bulls have locking jaws (she really believed that) and her neighbor who was visiting that told me there was "just something wrong" with a pit bull (mine) being a therapy dog. While I'm not sure if he was just yanking my chain, he still shouldn't make comments like that to someone who has worked hard to train their dog, who volunteers time with children and adults, pays for the expenses of classes and the evaluation itself, and makes the effort to have a registered therapy dog.

I can't wait to drop off "I'm A Good Dog," along with the "Pit Bull Placebo" and my copy of "Beyond the Myth," to my friend and I will tell her to share with her neighbor.

I'm a Good Dog is an easy read for someone who needs a simple education about our dogs. The pictures are fabulous.

Cheryl Huerta

Sounds like a great book. A professional photographer pit bull advocate friend of mine is embarking on a photographic tale telling of typical pit bull owners and their dogs with the stories to be told by the dog owners themselves. I can't wait to be involved in it and see it published. It is a labor of love for sure and hopefully will open a few minds and hearts that are now closed due to news media myths and misinformation.

Dianne R

Sounds like an excellent Christmas present / coffee table book for my little sister, who is still afraid of pit bull type dogs!

pitbull friend

I'm definitely one of the folks who had my heart opened to pit bulls while volunteering in the aftermath of Katrina! When I look at the progress made on behalf of pit bulls since then, it is wonderfully mind-boggling. Can't wait to read Ken's book. Thanks for all your work toward that end, Brent!

Fishing Charter Seattle

I'm most likely biased because of my love for pit bulls and Ken Foster, but this book is incredibly well done. It did not take a defensive stand in regard to pit bull myths, but made a good case for itself. It also highlighted many positive stories involving pits, many of which I hadn't heard before. I was very impressed.

Molly Stevens

This definitely seems like the perfect gift to get for my husband. We got our two pitbull puppies about 2 years ago and we are absolutely in love with them. It really takes meeting one pitbull with a great owner to change your opinion on them. They are extremely loyal and loving!

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