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September 13, 2012



The dog fighter/pit bull breeder conspiracy to fool everyone into disbelieving the effectiveness of BSL grows larger and larger...


Lol. Exactly.


LOL @Anthony! Great find Brent and super summary. Thanks so much!


BSL has done nothing thus far in improving the number of dog bites, in fact the numbers have risen. All that BSL has done is caused major burden on the average Australian family both financially and emotionally.

Kiara Delany

great piece indeed! Thanks!


" Breed on its own is not an effective indicator or predictor of aggression in dogs"

It seems that this contradicts the Chinese study you linked that showed a breed effect. Is it that clever use of "on its own" that actually doesn't make much sense that gets it off the hook?


A 48 page study, and you pull out one statement you don't agree with? Seems like someone has a case of confirmation bias that instead of reading the report in its entirety and soaking it in, is looking to try to nitpick their way into finding fallacy.

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