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September 21, 2012


John Richardson

Absolutely insane.

Jim Crosby

Heading that way today...will let you know. Jim


What a horror. I'm glad that the dogs were removed from the neighbor's home; obviously he/she/they are not fit owners of any dog. I feel bad for the Rottweilers who did not attack; they did not ask to be bred and raised in a way that would make them vicious, and I would assume that the chances for them to even be put up for adoption are not good. (I'm hoping maybe one or two of them, maybe young ones, might be salvageable) And poor Mr. Thomas...That neighbor has a lot to answer for!


Agreed Pat. I do hope the dogs not involved in the incident are given an opportunity to show whether or not they can be rehabilitated in a better environment -- but clearly their environment before was not good.

Jim, looking forward to hearing what you find out.


Oh that poor man!!! My heart goes out to his family. Sounds like a bad situation all the way around. Hoping that some charges come out of this and not just for animal cruelty. I'd like to see him held accountable for the life that was taken. I just don't think we're going to see any changes in dog ownership until people start having to pay the price with some jail time for their dog's actions. Too harsh?


Not too harsh by my standards Jenn

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