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September 12, 2012



Thanks for covering these, Brent. So sad, in all cases.


It seems that people who are commenting on the little boy's death generally don't believe a dog had anything to do with it. It's nice to see people thinking and not just jumping on the 'kill all the pit bulls' wagon without any proof. I hope the case is reopened, because I also think the story sounds way off.

Keira Fritzen

The Brayton Cason story sound really weird. I'm confused as to why they think it was a dog. It says his bruised body was found in the front yard. It doesn't mention bite wounds at all. It has other errors also. He could have been hit by a car with the story they give. The story is also of in the Debra Renee Wilson-Roberts story. I watched the video & the dog that is still alive looks very placid. Makes you wonder what the owner were doing to the dogs. And the last story every dog that kills must be a pit bull.



I mostly agree. The Cason story is just weird. I would be quick to not believe the dog-bite story - but my assumption there is that the media just failed in their reporting and didn't mention the bites. I mean, surely the authorities are smart enough to tell the difference between a dog bite and being hit by a car or a brick or something. I'd think. But it still doesn't make sense that a dog could attack a boy and neither the dog snarling nor the child screaming would raise alarm in the home when it happened in their own front yard.

With the Wilson-Roberts story, there were two dogs, one was larger and was shot and was more likely the major player in the attack -- so the one pictured probably was less involved, if at all. But yeah, there is enough evidence of poor care to make you wonder what happened in the 3-5 minutes prior to the attack.

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