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September 24, 2012


Dianne R

For more videos: P2v is now c4h

I volunteered with P2V at the Washington Animal Rescue League shown in the video. The exciting news is that since these videos, Dave Sharpe has gotten married and had a son.

In our area the bases forbid a long list of breeds including German Shepherds (!). Makes no sense.


Exactly. People need to understand that for a member of our armed forces, often moving off-base so that they can keep their four-legged family member is not an option. They have very limited control over their own living situations, and already sacrifice so much.

For someone struggling with emotional or mental issues, a dog can be a vital lifeline. We've already seen one high-profile case of a person taking their life because of breed restrictions (the non-military case of actor Nick Santino) and for someone struggling to readjust back into normal life, even little bit of comfort they can get counts.

Theresa Donnelly

Thank you so much for this blog. My name is Theresa Donnelly, and I own a pet resource called Hawaii Military Pets. I have teamed up with nonprofit Dogs on Deployment to launch a petition on asking The Deparent of Defense for consistent pet guidelines. The petition now has more that 16,000 signatures. I am active duty myself and am exploring multiple official feedback channels to see if privatized housing can adjust their policies in base housing. We do think if the military leads on this issue and creates an overarching, breed neutral consistent pet policy, others will follow. Thank you again for spreading awareness on this important issue. We do think in time our military leaders will choose a more scientific path to solving the problems with dangerous dogs.

Keira Fritzen

Over a year ago I was taking agility classes with my dog. One day after class the instructor was talking to me & my husband & petting my dog. She suddenly said Lennon reminds me of the dog my sister had. I of course asked what happened to her sisters dog. She proceeded to tell me her sister was sent to Iraq & her mother took on the dog. The dog was put into a house with what this trainer called "house border collies". 5 of them. Needless to say her sister's pit-mix that had never lived with other dogs was not given a room of her own but was thrown in with these 5 "house" border collies.
They euthanized her sisters dog after it got into 2 fights with her mother's dogs. I know this really has nothing to do with military bases, but I was really hurt by this story. I do not take classes at that facility anymore. It is very hard to find good non-biased trainers. This story would have upset me no matter what the breed. I just can't imagine euthanizing a military person's dog while they are in Iraq.


Theresa/Diane, you should both be very proud to have been a part of those programs. They're great programs, for all parties involved. Thanks for all you do.

Keira -- yeah, I've had a few friends serve multiple stints in the Middle East -- and I can't imagine something happening to one of their pets while they were away. They would have been devastated.

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