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August 19, 2012



The nonsurgical sterilization makes me uncomfortable. I can just see Animal Rights nuts going around injecting show and working dogs with this stuff (I mean, they've poisoned dogs and let dogs out of their pens in the past, I wouldn't put it past them to do this too). I hope it is highly regulated.


I'm sorry, but the fact that owners are obsessed with their dogs keeping their testicles - that it is even an issue and they feel it reflects on them somehow is just bloody pathetic. Real men don't need dog testicles to make them masculine ...

Just wondering?

So we're going to skip over small stories like the Spindletop raid and the Atlanta rescuer killed by one of her own dogs?


I actually covered the Atlanta Rescuer story under a separate title yesterday:

And briefly covered Spindletop in my weekly roundup on July 22:

At this point there has been so much written about Spindletop that I really have very little to contribute to the discussion.

Jen O

Any news on the use of dogs during the wolf hunt in Wisconsin? This is a tragedy waiting to happen!

Dianne R

Not rescue related, but a friend of mine is giving a presentation in your neighborhood you might find interesting:


Thanks Dianne for passing along!

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