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August 20, 2012


Keira Fritzen

The Rebecca Carey story rubs me wrong on so many levels. Her friend said she looked like she hit her head & fell down & why would her parents ok the immediate destruction of the dogs she loved so much without all the fact. Sounds like she was very devoted to her dogs.


Many people who care about pets can imagine themselves - and their pets - in Ms. Carey's situation.

A sad story, repeated in many variations.

A family member often tells me that if I am unable to take care of the dogs for any reason, she will not do anything to help them.

Randy Carothers

Thank you for reporting on those stories. It is a bit unfortunate more data was not available. I have personally seen deceased individuals who died of natural causes in the home and the dogs bit or even ate portions of the deceased. I am not attempting to be gross here but deceased and dog in home biting deceased does not mean dog killed deceased. Does not mean they did not either I guess and I hope research was done. As far as the idea of "free" trining for lower income individuals it is noble but hard to see how that could happen in reality since costs always seem to be an issue but appreciate the thought. Also as a general "guideline" you probably don't want something in your house big enough to kill you. Could go into exotics here but won't)Just a "guideline" you know. Once again thanks for reporting.


Agreed Randy that just the dog's presence, and the presence of blood on the dog, don't mean the dog was at fault. Very important for them to figure out if the dog bites happened while the victim is alive or not. I'm not sure proper investigation is done in all case though.

I know a lot of places that do offer free training (including my own shelter). But we do not have the ability to reach as many folks as we need to at this point.

And yeah, while I get your point on not having more dog than you can handle, I wouldn't go into exotics because there is a very big difference between domesticated and non-domesticated animals.

Diana Taylor

The case of Mr. Cameron is quite odd. With this, it is definitely hard where to put the blame. Although I feel sadness and remorse to the old man. But I guess the dog just did its 'thought' duty towards his master. As to the owner, his situation is definitely hard. I have dogs here at home. But I make sure that they are vaccinated and that they mingle with people so that they would not find other people strangers and threats.

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