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August 15, 2012





Thanks Brent for putting this analysis together. A great take on the nights sad events.


Thanks for this breakdown, Brent. And a huge thank you goes out to everyone in Miami Dade who made an effort to educate as well as the voters who voted to repeal the ban!

Dianne R

Good run down. Things went down hill at the last minute in MD - when I went to bed the news said the new initiative had passed. Missed you at the No Kill conference - 800 attendees! Fun.

Jen Brighton

In all fairness, I have to admit I've probably blindly voted in the past on issues without really understanding them, so, no, this is not surprising. Before I got my dogs, many of my friends were under the impression that pit bulls were dangerous, simply because of what they read in the newspaper. I truly believe that the tide is turning and we dog owners will continue to impact people's opinions. It's just a matter of time and with logical thinking hopefully our leaders will realize what keeps people safe and advance their efforts in that direction rather than BSL.

Jen Brighton

P.S. Brent, I see you are going to be the featured guest on PBLN Blog Talk Radio next Tuesday, Aug. 21. Woo hoo!


Yes. Honored to be part and I've been told I have a great look for radio.

Jen Brighton

I love a good sense of humor. Must be why we champion bully breed types. Because they are goofballs.

p. hofmann

someone needs to research how many dog bites have occured in Miami and no ban has been placed on the biting breed. there are so many more dangerous breeds out there and no one has said anything about them. would be more afraid of a rotti or shepard than a pit. why can the pits be sold in Miami shops if they are banned?
Miami owners need to keep fighting this ridiculous law and you need to keep championing the truth.


p -- a few years ago there was a report on the number of bites in Miami-Dade vs Broward County and Dade had more bites, and more bites per capita than Broward. That's the only info I've ever seen with dog bite info for Miami -- and it essentially shows that the law has not made the residents of Dade county safer at all.

I fortunately retyped out the data a few years ago as it is here (the old link is broken).

Kelsey/Team Unruly

Thanks for posting this, Brent. I was disheartened to see the results, but I'm glad to know that the educational efforts were beginning to pay off.

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