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July 24, 2012



Fantastic!!!! Still working hard over here in Ontario!


Wonderful! I love in VA and love to take my dog to North Beach and walk by the water. Always great to hear of a good outcome in this plight, rather than another negative one!

Linda Klein

I live in North Beach, MD, and a few days ago, 2 pit bulls attacked a friend's little dog (5 pounds) he was walking (and, yes, it was leashed) and critically injured it so bad, it had to be put down. The 2 pit bulls jumped out of owner's vehicle and attacked friend's dog as he was walking by. Friend tried kicking both pit bulls to get them off of his dog, but it hardly fazed them. And pit bulls aren't vicious?! Too many incidents of pit bulls injuring, maiming, and killing. Laws in North Beach and Calvert County need to be changed so pit bulls in North Beach are once again banned!

Denise Dahl

Do you know if North Beach is going to vote again about banning pit bulls? So many children in our town.


Denise - -I suspect that like almost every other community that has repealed BSL they will not look at banning pit bulls again. Communities, and its children, are much safer when the community enacts behavior-based laws that are actually enforced vs wasting resources targeting non-threatening dogs based on how they look

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