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July 25, 2012



It's AMAZING!!! It makes me want to move there and volunteer. It's uplifting and it makes the shelter look NOT scary or depressing. I think this is nothing short of brilliant - from showcasing the shelter to the variety of animals to all the ways that the community can help! Love love love!


Thanks Jenn. If you ever decide to move here we would welcome you as a volunteer with open arms.


This is great! Nothing depressing or scary there =)

Cheryl Huerta

I love it and I think EVERY shelter needs to take this approach. No sad puppy eyes, no playing on people's emotions...just a good positive approach. Makes me wish I lived in KCMO!!!

Great job folks, really great job!!!

Good on ya all!!!

Karen F

Really excellent job. Makes me want to reach out and pet the animals there. Great positive vibe and a feeling of movement and energy.

The photos and videos of your shelter always make it obvious how clean the animal care areas are -- the "we can't possibly keep up" claims from so many shelters ring hollow in comparison.



Youtube also makes it easy for anyone to upload videos, clean it up, and add background music.

Dianne R

Very nice. Would have been perfect if it included contact information such as web url and phone number. Have you seen what Animal Farm Foundation did - the take off on Call Me, Maybe? It was on Facebook.

The condo I am buying has no rules about the number of pets you can have, so I am hoping to get back into fostering. The only breed restrictions - no wolf hybrids!

Jennifer Brighton

They did an excellent job. It's short and sweet and gets the intent across that the workers and volunteers care deeply for the animals that are under their supervision. I also took away from it the great need for society to adopt. And I agree with Karen, the shelter looks very clean. My city is in the process of building a new shelter, so I am very excited. They've been stressed at the seams for many years and the volunteers and staff are so dedicated with less than optimal circumstances.

Okay, I'm going to go and hug my shelter dogs and cats!


Thanks Jenn. I do want to note that this is a 40 year old shelter - we're definitely not in a new facility. While old shelters bring with them their own set of issues, cleanliness shouldn't necessarily be one of them.


Great! I really liked it. And the shelter looks like a happy place to go...which is SO IMPORTANT when trying to recruit volunteers!


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