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July 11, 2012


Dan Cooke

The type of Dog in this case actually is Critical because of BSL. but he wasn't or it was claimed he wasn't a Pitbull. In the UK Pitbulls are a banned breed. So the critical thing is that they decided it was of a "pitbull type dog"

I get annoyed with this, if there is ever anything in the papers involving any type of bull terrier. The press will always put "pitbull type dog" even when they know it isn't a pitbull and know exactly what type of dog it is. I have two dogs of a "non pitbull type" (Rhodesian Ridgebacks) if anyone tried to take my dogs away I would fear my reaction.

For the record I believe there is no such thing as a dangerous breed of dog just dangerous owners. Anyone who spends a little bit of time with dogs will realise that too. BSL is BS.


Thanks J.M.

I'm serious though. This should be her finest hour. No reason to hide. The Lennox disgrace has accomplished EVERYTHING she could ever ask out of BSL. She should be out shouting it from the rooftops.

Maybe we'll hear from them soon. Who knows.

Anne Marie Kennedy

Lennox's story becoming international did something very important.
It put a face to this BSL. A law many people may have been previously unaware of. Lennox united thousands of people, who are now very aware BSL does exist, and will now hopefully continue to fight it for all the
other innocent dogs that are senselessly murdered for how they look.
Lennox is now the mascot for the fight against BSL.
I only wish his story could have had a happy ending.
At least poor innocent Lennox is finally at peace, he no longer has to be alone and in fear. I'm sure all of our fur babies at Rainbow Bridge welcomed him. RIP sweet boy.

Social Mange

Good post, as always. I was trying to figure out what drew people to Lennox...was it his face? His story? Doesn't matter in the end...but it would be tremendous if the passion of hundreds of thousands of people could be channeled for the benefit of other dogs.


I think the lesson we take away from Lennox's case, and the reason it has drawn so much attention, is that this could be ANY dog. He's just a dog. A dog that did no harm, with people who loved and fought for him, and it did no good. Don't know if you've seen it, but there's a thing going on right now on Facebook, with people posting photos of their dog with the phrase "I am Lennox". (and sometimes some other anti-BSL wording). Mostly bull breeds, but some other dogs, and I'm hoping it will spread to encompass many more dogs of all breeds. I see it as proof that people are taking this as they should... no dog is safe.


Social Mange -- I think it was the length of his story. So many of these cases last days, or maybe weeks. But this one last TWO YEARS. That was two years to let people become aware, and to follow the story, and share with their friends, etc. It had a chance to touch a lot of people....and did. I've seen a lot of "save x" facebook pages over the years, but most only get 150 followers or so before it's too late. Lennox currently has over 117,000 fans, and actually multiple pages that have been set up by other people. I think time was a huge factor...

Tracy Please sign and share to abolish BSL for good!

Kansas City Dog Advocates

To witness first hand the destruction of the human/canine bond that families like Lennox and his family suffered is just surreal. Kansas City Dog Advocates has assisted families in our local area that had their dogs confiscated for "looking" like a pit bull.

The stress the family goes through is unbelievable. Not knowing from day to day if your dog is alive or dead, hitting roadblocks with public officials and city employees consumes your entire life; until you either gain the release of your dog from the impound or win the trial to legally bring your dog home.

The dogs suffer from kennel stress, isolation, loss of their pack. The longest we had a dog held in a city pound was 9 long months. Upon that particular dog's release he came out of the pound looking very neglected and with a host of behavior issues. I can't imagine if Lennox was held for 2 years how he would have looked towards the end.

Most of the dog owners were so stressed out they had to go on anti-anxiety meds. Even those families who were able to get their dogs released from the city pound still had grueling court battles that sometimes went on for months and months. In the meantime those dog owners could not legally bring their dogs home, they had to find foster homes or board their dogs for additional long periods.

Unfortunately the people that pass BSL and enforce BSL, never have to witness what this worthless legislation does to families and their beloved dogs.

Jerry Kutche

Sad.. These dogs deserve better..

Maybe some one should start killing people for the way they LOOK... Oh wait we do that as a species already... Its called Genocide, supported by predjudice, Greed, war and hate.

Silly yes.. By all counts.. Some People and Governments are Cruel. Brainless and twits...

Sad state of affairs..

Jen Brighton

Here's a video that Stubby Dog made from submissions of its members to honor Lennox. Warning: have a bunch of tissues handy.


I am hoping that people`s anger turns into this...
There are so many Lennox`s around the World.


Time will tell if people's outrage over this situation will translate into action right here in our own backyard. What happened to Lennox and his family is a travesty. But as Brent reminds us, this happens every day in America. Yes, some of the facts are different but each and every day, someone’s beloved family pet is destroyed due to perceived breed or due to size while having done nothing wrong at all. Some of these dogs were lost and unfortunate enough to end up in so-called shelters. Some were taken. Regardless, their deaths were unnecessary whether they were named Oreo, Baxter, Petey or Charlotte. I cannot count the number of times I have tried to interact rationally with elected officials who make dismissive decisions related to BSL with no regard for facts, true public safety and the rights of the people whose dogs are targeted. We simply must stand up and make our demands known so that things like this don't continue to happen in a vacuum. We can prevent BSL from being enacted and work to get it off the books once it is enacted. But it takes more than being mad in cyberspace. It takes speaking and calling and attending meetings and writing and networking. I hope this fire of anger turns to action.

Monique Lewis

This is a very sad and disturbing story of dogs being killed because of the way he looked if that was the case can we say is that y people kill people? We should all be dead. I am sick of hearing and seeing how people are cruel to animals everyday they have more of a right to live than we do so I can't understand why an innocent dog was killed because of the way he looked. We see terrorism on tv and in our newspapers shall we kill these people because of the way they look or women in burqas? We don't know what they have underneath but we know they will kill us is Alah said too, these people are called sleeping cells and they are in our countries so why do they get to live and not innocent animals?


It is an absolute sin what this family has been put through and the Belfast Govt knew from day 1 they did not plan on giving Lennox back....It is with great sadness that they had no closure and I cry for them everday that I see a picture of him so I can't imagine what they go through. However such a crime has formed a unity to fight for our 4 legged friends and we will put a stop to this in Lennox's name.....Watch over us....And Bless this family.....Belfast Government You will all lose something dear one day and too know the pain you have placed on them and an innocent dog...

Lori F. Grady

This goes deeper than Council. The UK is and was involved in this also.

The Summer olyimpics are being held in London...Boycott them. Send a message stronger than the one for Lennox. All people involved in the murder and mistreatment of this and other dogs will pay a heavy price.

I will never step foot over there or spend one penny for anything that has to do with the countries involved in this barbaric behavior. I will encourage all my family and friends to do the same. I'm ashamed to be Irish.

They talk about all the abuse and death threats they have gotten. I have a feeling they haven't even come close to feeling the pain of what they have done. I do know this for every action there is a reaction of equal force.

Karma is swift.

RIP Lennox and all the other dogs they have murdered.


This would explain a lot if it`s true and I suspect it is.



Please sign! Hit 'em where it hurts - their pocketbook.


J.M. -- still a lot of rumor and speculation -- but yeah, would explain a lot if it's true.

pet food

Lennox is not the only animals who is experiencing hat kind of killing. There are so many animals that abuse but not being reported. As a animal owner, do not allow this to happen. They also need our love and care.


2 years in a holding cell???? if they showed up at my house to take my dog theyd get a full can of mace and we'd both be on the run!


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If I have been Lennox owner I will try hard to find who called the police saying that Lennox is a pitbull-type That person killed Lennox

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