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July 11, 2012



You know what I can't figure out about this shameful situation?

Where in the world is

This is a perfect chance for them to gain some positive publicity with respect to BSL.

It's everything they could ever dream of:

- The incident took place in a country with BSL.
- The dog wardens were able to seize a dangerous dog BEFORE a deadly attack could take place.
- The confiscation of the dog, and the application of the law, has been upheld by the court system.
- The dog was put down, despite protests and outcry from the nutters.

This is their ideal situation. It encompasses everything that a successful BSL policy is supposed to do. And it is by far the most public case ever.

You'd think they would be right there on the steps of the Belfast City Hall, holding hands with the council. And you'd think they would give their brand new "City of the Year" award to Belfast.

Where are they? I'm sure they're aware of the case.

Laura Prowicz

WHY IS NO ONE SCREAMING AND FIGHTING AGAINST THE OBVIOUS CASE OF TOO MUCH GOVERNMENT POWER? The power to seize private property from citizens?? Where is ANGER, where are the TORCHES AND THE PITCHFORKS?? Why do people allow Government to have this much power???


Interesting question Joel...


You've put into words what I've been feeling as this story has unfolded. Living in Colorado Springs, I know that there are thousands of Lennoxes just an hour up the road. Yet no one is lining the streets in NY to save them. Kind of hurts my heart. My only hope is that this tragic story will bring attention to the horror that is played out every day all across the world.

Laura Prowicz

"Living in Colorado Springs, I know that there are thousands of Lennoxes just an hour up the road. Yet no one is lining the streets in NY to save them."

They should be lining the streets of NY protesting the power of Government to seize and control people's private property and to have ANY say whatsoever as to what type of PET people are ~allowed~ to make a part of their family.

That's what we should be lining up about.


Hopefully, this situation will raise awareness of the ignorance of BSL. I think the actions of the BCC clearly illustrate how uninformed policy makers can destroy lives all over the world. RIP Lennox and peace to your family. Let the rest of us fight to save other innocent animals.


I suspect Lennox died in their custody some time ago.
You can't budge or compromise or permit a final visit
or deliver the body to the family if there is no dog.

I'd like to know how and why this one dog got so much
attention when this scenario is playing out daily around
the World.

Another thing that bugs me about this is the emphasis
by many that "he wasn't even a pit bull".
So his death would be justified if he was an APBT or
a Staffy?

I think the only way to end BSL is to kick out each and every Politician that supports BSL.

Angela Waltz

This is INSANE. What a bunch of crap and hurt and negativity for NO REASON!!! This ABUSE OF POWER IS ENOUGH. I agree with Laura Prowicz that people are being WAY TOO reasonable and SUBMISSIVE. WHY IS GOVERNMENT ABOVE THE LAW??? And more importantly, why on earth do we stand for it?


Not only are animals being murdered under the label of "BSL" but they are also being murdered under the label of "being homeless." Shelters all over the world (& right here in the KC area) are doing it because of the "lack of space/being full/urgent." So animals are being killed because of "looks" & "being homeless/lack of space/urgent."
And the "public" is being blamed when the government & their "designated reps" are the ones "plunging the needles."
It is time for the "public" to demand changes from their governments to stop the murder of innocents. Every election cycle allows us the chance to vote out the murderers & get humane replacements.
Let's honor Lennox's memory & fight for all innocents being killed & demand better from our government. And when they don't do it -- vote them out -- demand new laws -- recall them!


JM -- Couldn't agree with you more. What type of dog Lennox really was is irrelevant to the fact that regardless of breed, his death was cruel and unnecessary.


"A society is judged by the way it treats it's animals" We are failing!

Jen Brighton

This brings tears to my eyes and a pit in my stomach, knowing that if I lived in an area where this sort of Draconian law was in place that could be my dogs. It's so upsetting and there are no words to describe the loss I feel for a dog I never knew except through news reports. I am so very sorry for what Lennox's family has been through. It's shameful.


I hope that somehow this horrific display of animal abuse in Ireland wakes people up in the US. I hope that more and more BSL laws disappear, due to this. I can only pray. But you're right, we need to eliminate this in the states.


shame !!!!!

Bett Sundermeyer

It seems that people, whether govt officials or "shelter" directors, continually make up idiotic reasons to slaughter animals. This same atrocity is going on across the US, including here in Houston at 3 of Houston's kill shelters. The Houston SPCA, the Houston Humane Society and Harris County animal control kill all dogs that they claim are Pit Bulls or mixes. They do not temperament test them. They do not give them a chance for adoption. Like Lennox, they do not give them a chance at life. They just KILL them all.

The killing of dogs simply because someone labels him/her a Pit Bull MUST end. In 2011, No Kill Houston worked to introduce the Companion Animal Protection Act at the state level (Texas CAPA). Among other protections, Texas CAPA would have made it illegal to kill animals based on arbitrary criteria such as breed, age or color.

Unfortunately, the kill shelters and their defenders (including HSUS) fought Texas CAPA and it did not pass in 2011. See the list of opponents here:

When Texas CAPA is filed again in 2013, I want want every single Texan to remember this story and to contact their state representative and demand that they support Texas CAPA.

The discrimination and mass slaughter can be ended, but WE must fight for laws that will end it. You can find your Texas state representatives here:

Dianne R

Belfast is in Northern Ireland which is part of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. It is not Irish. I also suspect the dog had been dead a long time and that's why they wouldn't let anyone see him.


I do not for a minute believe that Lennox was dead.

If for some reason a court had overturned the previous rulings, there would have been even more hell to pay had Lennox already been killed. Unless the court system is that much in the pockets of the city council.

Additionally, it would have been very convenient to say that he had died from some sort of natural cause.

I 100% believe that he was killed this morning.

Fran C.

What a sad place this world has become when good dogs are torn out of loving families and terrorized by politicans because of the way they LOOK.

Gail Gallant

BCC never had any intentions of setting Lennox free. In just a short time of Lennox being seized, some of the last photos taken of Lennox showed injuries and health problems which he didn't have before. I believe they killed Lennox a long time ago because the council would not allow any visits by anyone, no assessments, I didn't read about any vet checks, they wouldn't allow the owners to visit or even be with him in his supposed to be final hour. They also said they would send SOME of Lennox's ashes in the MAIL. There will be no proof that the ashes are from this poor soul's body.
As for all the other dogs in the same fight. NOBODY is forgetting about them. The difference is Lennox plight was able to go world wide which will help the cause of ending BSL. Just like any human suffering with diseases... nobody pays attention until someone " known " has it. Parkinson's wasn't known or cared about until Ali and Fox was inflicted. Just like everything else. So while the world is mourning with the Barnes family over Lennox, his death with be the road to hopefully end BSL.
The there is " he wasn't even a pitbull "... that matters because the law makers stress " no dog would be harmed if they are not a pitbull". It also goes to the misidentifying of " breeds / mixes". So it is important. Just because one person THINK'S it's a " pitbull" ( a non-existing breed ) don't make it true and tape measureing does not equate BREED or type of a dog.


Did we not stop Hitler for the same reasons?

Laura Prowicz

The only way to stop this happening is to fight, fight, fight for your civil rights! Your right to choose the pet you want for YOUR family. Your right to not have the Government tell you what property you can and cannot have. Your right to not have the Government search you and seize your private property. Your rights. Yours! Not the dogs. When we start focusing (as a group) on OUR CIVIL RIGHTS (as dog owners, as US citizens, as Human Beings!!) and how Government is picking away at them slowly surely and bit by bit by legislating what type of DOG we can acquire and keep and how we keep it WE WILL WIN. We need to stop worrying about the "poor dogs" and worry about "poor us - the dog lovers, the pit bulls owners, the CITIZENS"


"Where in the world is"

I`m not in the know but I suspect there may be some connection to the negative publicity they have been getting.
At least I`m hopeful.


Great blog & post.

I would just caution you against referring to Belfast County Council as the 'Irish government' when in fact they are part of the Northern Irish/UK government.

I imagine the backlash is going to be huge - I'd rather my country be distanced from it. Thanks :)

Sonya Cabral

I woke up this morning to hear the sad news that Lennox was dead not because he was mean, or cause he bit ppl and not because he didn't have a home to go to but cause he died cause they thought he was a Pit Bull. Well BCC let me tell you he was not a Pit Bull he was an American Bulldog/ Lab mix.. What you did was totally wrong and their are ppl that are soooo angry with what you did including myself... If that had been your dog that was killed cause they thought it was a certain breed you would be fighting to get him/her home as was Lennox's Owners and to deny a 13yr old girl the right to have her Best Friend back home with her is totally wrong!! R.I.P Little Lennox Man you are now free and Over the Rainbow Bridge where you will not be hurt anymore... RUN LENNOX RUN FREE


Sonya -- while the the thought that he was an Am. Bulldog/Lab mix does indicate how breed bans affect ALL owners, not just pit bull owners, I will note that even if Lennox was a pure bred American Pit Bull Terrier his death would be equally tragic and wrong.

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