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July 05, 2012



I don't even have words, Brent. Amazing? Just doesn't seem adequate. Thinking just a little outside the box, working your tushes off - look at what you have accomplished so far! You all are truly leading the way here and showing what can be done when everyone works together, gives the public the benefit of the doubt and keeps the animals best interest the focus. Bravo!

pitbull friend

Beautiful news, Brent! I hope that means that, after all the Fourth of July strays are sorted out, you hardworking folks get a bit of a breather. Heaven knows you deserve it!


Thanks all. Friend, there are no breathers at open admission shelters. Room to breath yes, but no breathers. You kind of have to treat every day like your full, because if you don't, you will be.

Dianne R.

Bravo! The shelter where I volunteer lost power after the derecho Friday night. Reaching out to the ("irresponsible") public, we received donations of ice, gasoline to run the backup generators, and towels and blankets cause we were unable to do laundry. Over 600 pounds of ice were donated! Power came back on the 4th, in part I think because of the media attention.

So are you going to be open on Christmas Eve?


It's amazing how much the public steps up when you ask.

In most years we will be open on Christmas Eve. However, Christmas Eve is on a Monday this year -- which as of right now is our day to be closed to the public so the current plan isn't to be open that day....but we'll see how it's going by then.

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