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July 14, 2012



Well written and factual, as usual. I enjoy your blog, thanks for posting this.

Cathy Grace

I feel there is much more to this story than what we KNOW!


Thanks Lynda.

Cathy -- completely agree -- but given that there are no witnesses we may never know more than we do now.

John Richardson

Very sad case, but very good, critically important info, Brent. But one thing that I take away from this is that cases like this point clearly to why we should NOT use catch all terms like 'pit bull type dog' to describe a wide variety of breeds and mixes that may have little to NO relationship to actual Pit Bulls (other than being dogs).


Agreed John. And the term "pit bull type" continues to get more and more broad it seems...

H. Houlahan

I think you mean to say that 41% live *below* the poverty line.


Yes, yes I did. Fixed.


AFF has rescinded their promotion of the phrase "pit bull type dog" which they seemed to be the primary source of, so perhaps others will follow their lead.

Their formulation is now " "pit bull" dog " (quotes around the "pit bull")....... if that's better. I dunno. I still favor "American pit bull terrier" if known and "apparent pit bull mix" if not.

There is NO legitimate sense in which an American bulldog is a "pit bull"... but the haters have always included as many dogs as they could for their purposes.

This is one of those cases where Karen Delise's persistence in getting the actual autopsy could yield some interesting information..... months from now, when the haters have already made their propaganda point.

Adrianne Lefkowitz

I have been putting "pit bull" in quotes for about ten years now. Because "pit bull" only exists places where it is legislatively defined, in places such as Prince George's County, Maryland, where I live. Otherwise, "pit bull" is a made up term. I was never comfortable with buying into the "lumping" together of breeds.


I don't believe in using "pit bull" at all, unless it's in quotes. It's a slang term descriptive of a dog's shape, not a name for a breed. That shape can encompass dozens of pure breed, thousands of cross breed and tens of thousands of mixed breed dogs. It could be a lab/boxer crossbreed or heaven only knows what else. It's a description of shape only.


well, I certainly understand that NOW "pit bull" or "pit bull type dog" or "pit bull" dog.. all have no meaning.

But historically (before, say, yesterday), it has always been a legitimate shorthand for "American pit bull terrier" in the same way that "Lab" is shorthand for "Laborador retriever". Some of us still insist on using it that way, and insist that there is indeed something called a "pit bull". And if it's not.. it's a "mixed breed" or a "possible pit bull mix"


I guess I use "pit bull" in the same way I would "lab mix" -- in the way of saying "it could be anything because we don't really know so this is what they're going to call it.


Awwww man that is so sad but a true story. I use to live in Cincinnati. An I know it can be a little ruff my heart goes out to the breed and i hope more people see the good side to pitbulls and not so much the bad side everyone claims they have. All dogs can be aggressive as you see in this blog. No matter the breed any dog will bite

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