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July 02, 2012



I so agree with this approach.
If no one will take part in enforcing these laws,what do you have?
Simply a law on the books.
The people who pass these laws aren`t going to round up dogs and kill them.
It`s so easy to put your hand up and vote yes to Breed Specific laws when your part ends there.
It`s an entirely different matter to go door to door,seize them and kill them.
I`m sure individual people are afraid to lose their jobs if they refuse to take part in these laws but that`s why it`s so important for everyone(opposed to BSL) to stand together in opposition.


Is there something unique about their BSL which makes it harder to enforce? Ours requires $100,000 liability insurance with the dog specifically named.



It's all hard to enforce -- and I think no one WANTED to enforce it because they disagreed with it.

J.M. -- agreed. I guess the tougher question may be on the shelter contracts - -where I can see the benefit to controlling the shelter regardless so you can at least control outcomes. But, if no one will work with a city because of a law, the idea that we can force their hands on repealing the laws (at least in some cases) is intriguing.


I'm a Delaware resident, I found your blog while looking up information on Wilmington's BSL. My family has a pit bull, my friends, almost all of them, have pit bulls and everyone of them a rescue dog. I love the breed, I would go so far to say, I'm partial to pit bulls above other breeds. The fact that other people can't see them like I do is incredibly frustrating, but with something like BSL, my frustration turns to fury and disgust.

A united front of professionals against such legislation is amazing, but the fact that it is ever even considered is disgusting. We dare call ourselves a modern society, a civilized people, but we so readily blame dogs because humans turn them into monsters. We need to take responsibility for the disdainful actions of humans and enforce stricter regulations to deal with perpetrators of animal cruelty. But, of course not, we're not to blame. No, all pit bulls are born bad, they're evil creatures that will eat your babies and it's by our good, virtuous training that they become domesticated family animals.

I'm sorry to rant, but in this day and age, citizens have so little
power over their government, that I feel relatively helpless in this situation.

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