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June 23, 2012



Brent - the latest article on Tyzhel Williams doesn't have him alone with the dogs. It has him alone in the living room, then crawling into the bedroom where his mother and her friend were visiting. One dog was in the yard, one was crated in the living room and the dog that bite Tyzhel was in the bedroom with the mom. The dog bit him once on the head with his mother present in the room. You can't get a good look at the dog in this picture, but the ones that I have seen, it looks like a mixed breed dog. The two not involved in the fatal bite have been returned to the owner. But it doesn't appear that this was a case of a dog and child unsupervised. Here is the link with the latest up-to-date info:


Yeah Jenn, the reports on this have been varied. Even with the final report, it does appear that while the adults may have been present, it doesn't appear as if much "supervision" was taking place here....even under the best case scenario...based on the toddler reportedly crawling INTO the room where the adults were.

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