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June 20, 2012



Wow, that looks like a climb to get to your building. Is it difficult for people with mobility issues to get to you? Obviously, with the off-site adoption spots I'm sure anyone who wants to can get to you somewhere, so that's great (so many places don't try much or at all in that way), but just wondered about the site of the 'home office.'


Yeah -- the shelter isn't the best of situations. It was built 40 years ago -- and as usual at that time, in an out-of-the way location. It's actually on a flood plane, so the hill is to keep the place from flooding during high water. There is a drive around the back side that would allow someone with disabilities to access the shelter, but I'd lie to say it's ideal.


It's nice to hear that you're making such good progress, considering the killing that continues to go on in so many other places.

Roberta Beach

Congratulations on your current and future progress - so much work, so much reward!


Yes, congratulations.

To the north, in Iowa, Des Moines and the private group which runs the Des Moines city pound, Animal Rescue League of Iowa, does not even provide intake and disposition information on the city pound despite open records laws which appear to plainly require it.

Ames, to the north, is the only city which has a 90% or greater live release rate.

Congratulations and please help people understand they have a right to a quality city services. Information such as this is important.

I am curious what you do about posting lost pets online. After I pointed out last year that the contract with ARL Iowa required a lost and found system, this year the pound began using another company's website to post pets taken in to the shelter.



We're going to start implementing a new program on the lost and found system shortly, but we are going to begin having a lost and found section on our website and beginning to have photos up on intake so people can more easily find their lost pet without having to come down to the shelter.

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