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June 27, 2012



The politicians who pass BSL should take a test to prove they can identify the breeds they are criminalizing.

Is this dog a pit bull terrier?

Des Moines labels APBT as vicious and requires specific liability insurance. This may be slowing down Manny's adoption.


I think they should all have to go down to their local shelter and meet some of the adoptable pit bulls at the shelter and meet them before they can vote. I wonder how many people have voted to pass breed bans that have only seen a pit bull on TV...


Pit Bulletin Legal News on (Tuesday's at 8:00 p.m.) is doing a great job of keeping us informed and giving us more resources to educate City Councils along with you Brent at KCDog Blog. THANK YOU!!! We need to know how to effectively sway Council members to our way of thinking without making them dig in their heals. The more we know, the better we are at changing minds one-by-one!


Oh, previous broadcasts of Pit Bulletin Legal News are archived if you want to know what you've been missing!

Go to and put Pit Bulletin Legal News in the search.

They list who the main speakers are for each show. You can download them or listen live on your computer or smartphone.

Carianne Burnley

I completely missed my hometown overturning BSL - Go North Royalton! Tyra our pit bull of over 3 years said she doesn't feel any difference :-)

Jen Brighton

KC Dog Blog and PBLN are my two favorite blogs to keep me up on dog-related news. It's so nice to be part of a group of rational thinkers, unlike many politicians and the general public. I agree that people enacting legislation should have to get to know pit bulls or mixes before making blanket decisions.

I recently heard about a documentary called "One Nation Under Dog" that sounds like it would be worthwhile for legislators to watch. It might put things in perspective before they jump on the BSL bandwagon. I've not seen it, but here's the link to the trailer.

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