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June 15, 2012


A Facebook User

Thank you for writing this article. It's so upsetting. I can't even tell you, how hard the last month and a half has been for us here in Baltimore. If you come to B-More Dog's Facebook page You will already see stories of people being forced to choose between their home and their family member. It's heartbreaking and wrong, and it happened right under our noses.

B-More Dog is very thankful for the support of so many, including the Baltimore Mayor's Commission on Animal Abuse, the Animal Farm Foundation, and the Humane Society of the United States. If this judgement is not reconsidered by the courts (as has been filed by State Farm, with support of the ASPCA, the Professional Animal Workers of MD, the MD Multi-Housing Association Inc., the Human Society of the US, and the Metropolitan Office Workers of Washington, DC and opposed by dogs bite dog org) or corrected by the Legislature in July this will be a horrifying two years and we will need a lot of help. Let's hope it doesn't come to that.


"The court decision has been opposed by nearly everyone, " ... everyone with a brain that is. PETA, Merritt Clifton and Terrierman support it...


Emily - -yes, there are of course the fringe outliers, but I think most people/organizations with a) any animal knowledge and b)that are actually going to have influence with the state legislature are in favor of a law that over-rides the courts.


I really hope they repeal it but its hard to be optimistic. I was at the PG County hearing years ago when they passed the ban....No one there said it was a good idea but they passed it anyway...this reminds me of that. Glad i don't live in MD anymore


Thank you for this excellent post! Looks like there are some good legislators on our side; maybe we'll soon have legislation that overturns this ruling as well as the bad law in Prince George's County.


archive of the committee hearing today

Judicial Proceedings committee, June 19


PETA supporting it should help our cause.

Maryland’s experience: the public record & the Tracey v Solesky ruling by NCRC
Thought you might find this interesting.

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