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May 06, 2012



Oh nooooooooo - I hate change! OK, got that out of my system.

I look forward to seeing more posts on FB and Twitter. Carry on.


I hope you don't stop posting the misc. stuff from the weekly round up, always look forward to the stuff you post in it.


Dan - -the Misc. stuff is usually my favorite stuff it's going to stay.


Sadly, I will miss anything you put on FB and twitter. I make time to read your blog every few days and look forward to Sundays. I'm bummed when you don't post them. I realize you have time constraints, but what's the time savings between posting on FB versus here?


Kate -- thanks for reading. The roundup won't go away, but it is going to scale back a little. It's more about spacing out the time's a lot to handle all on one day which is why I am not always able to get them posted. Hopefully the scaled back version will allow me to do this more regularly.

Seems like there may be an opportunity to post the stuff from Facebook/Twitter into the roundup also...let me ponder that.


Re: the number of commercial kennels being on the decline in Missouri - there are a variety of reasons. Part of it has to do with the economy. Part of it is the result of modifications to the state's ACFA law due to the whole Prop B fiasco, even though most of the changes to ACFA don't become law until 2016 and a lot of kennels are already in compliance with some, if not all of the changes. Much of it has to do with an aging populiation - like the Pom breeder in the article a lot of older breeders are retiring. Unless you have children that want to take over the business it's easier just to have a "going out of business sale".

This is bad news for a lot of rescues and humane societies. They are going to lose their source of small and Toy breeds.

I can't imagine "increased enforcement" is a reason, but I guess it's possible. We already had very good enforcement, despite what the media and Humane Society of Missouri preached.


the article about Kathy Warnick's salary as President of the Humane Society of Missouri made my day. :-)

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