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May 20, 2012



"It seems that everyone realizes that Ontario's breed ban is ineffective -- except for the Liberal Government".

No surprise there!


The dog bite story about the jogger, walker, or whatever he was that was (allegedly) attacked by the "pit bulls" out at Longview Lake near the marina was ridiculous. Channel 9 (KMBC) was the only local affiliate that covered the story - two or three days after the incident. We really don't know what the dogs were, and it's interesting to note that for someone that thought they were going to get killed this guy looked perfectly healthy during the interview. How is this news in a metropolitan area?

We track our dogs out at Longview a lot and rarely see stray dogs. The last time we were there, though, two Great Danes literally appeared out of nowhere while a friend was working her Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. Fortunately everyone was friendly. One of the dogs had a tag - the onwer lived in Kansas City and was at some sort of running event. She said the fence needed repair and asked me no to contact animal control, LOL. The dogs returned home on their own.


I also "liked" that they said the man was covered in blood -- well, yeah, he killed one of the dogs with a 3 inch knife blade, so no doubt there as a lot of blood involved. One has to wonder if him kicking the dogs and then killing one of them wasn't more of the reason for his injuries than the dogs really going after him. We'll probably never know. But like I said, there were 17 bite dogs in the shelter that day alone -- but the only 'pit bull' in the group was the one that made the news.

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