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May 01, 2012


Laura G

Well said, as always, Brent.

I think it's worth pointing out that dogs don't always intend for their bites to be as severe as they are. The same bite administered from one dog to another might cause little or no damage because dogs have protective coats and thicker skin than a toddler.

My heart goes out to this family as well.


Thanks Laura - and agree. But have to note that from the sounds of this, the dog did not intend this to be a warning bite that went intended to inflict some damage.


It so very sad all the way around. That baby was very loved, as was the dog. I just think that people can't read dog behavior well at all (as evidenced by all the freaky videos they post of their babies with their dogs on youtube labeled "dog LOVES baby" while the dog's body language is actually anything but and we can see a bite waiting to happen). It's good to push programs like Family Paws - they are so necessary. I wish that more hospitals would bring presenters in for pregnant moms. This baby was not left unsupervised with the dog, but we don't how comfortable the dog truly was with him. We also don't know the dog's health. Bad hips and hands, no matter how tiny, don't mix. So many unknowns when these tragedies happen - all we know is that they leave heartbreak in their midst.

Laura Cheng

Is the family going to do something with the dog?


While I haven't seen anything official, it does seem as if they plan to euthanize the dog.

Lis C

This might be an artifact of my being the relatively late-in life child of two parents who were, respectively, the last and next-to-last children of large families, but Grandma with 1yo and large, powerful dog does not, in my mind, automatically equal "supervision." Not effective supervision, anyway.

Granted, my mother when my niece was a year old was much more effective and confident in handling my sister's dog. But, OTOH, when she was alone with baby and dog, the baby wasn't on the floor with the dog. Either the baby was in a playpen, or the dog was in the kitchen behind the baby gate.

I cannot imagine what that family is going through, now. And I cannot imagine either that they would be comfortable with the dog in the house now, especially if they plan to have additional children, OR that there will be any realistic options for rehoming the dog.

If the dog had bad hips or any other source of pain, it may not really be the dog's fault in any meaningful sense. Not every situation can be fixed, though, and if Brent is right that this wasn't a correction bite gone wrong but a real intention to cause damage, it would be tough to find the right person to take on the rehab of the dog. :(

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