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May 29, 2012



Wow. Parts of this remind me of the Jimmie Mae McConnell attack.


He may not have been killed by the dogs.


That also reminds me of the Jimmie Mae McConnell death in Kansas City, KS in 2006. McConnell actually died of a heart attack she suffered when she was allegedly attacked by the neighbors dog(s). The neighbor wasn't living there but he was keeping one dog there and the other dog was an alleged stray. First responders to the scene said the dog that attacked her was a Rottie. It went through several breed mutations before it was determined to be a "pit bull". I"m not convinced the "pit bull" the city held in the shelter was the dog that attacked her but that's a whole 'nuther column.

It's possible that Ja'Maar was killed by a two-legged creature. This is one of those scenarios that Jim Crosby talks about. any time a child is allegedly killed by a dog it should be treated as a crime scene. It would be rather unlikely for a coyote to kill a two year old. Possible, but unusual. When was the last time anyone was killed by a coyote in this country?


Clarice -- I know it's a weird story. They seem to think it is consistent with an animal attack, and as rare as dog attacks are, it would be even more rare if it were a coyote. I'll continue to follow up on this to see if any new details emerge.

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