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May 12, 2012


Cheryl Huerta

This is great Brent. CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who is working so tirelessly to make this happen. I hope that other shelters are watching and that the phone is ringing off the hook with other shelters asking you how you are accomplishing what you are.


Bryan Cochran

Great work! To everyone working on this my hat is off to you. If our company can help in anyway let me know.

Best Regards and thank you.

Jennifer Brighton

The cats and dogs thank you and your co-workers, Brent. What an inspirational post for anyone who feels helpless about all the homeless dogs and cats. Your organization is proof that people do care and that yes, it takes a village and lots of cooperation. And thank you media for helping out.


God bless you for the good work you're doing. I hope we see the day (soon) when you don't get 109 animals in one day.


PLEASE we are still beyond full - please tell your KC peeps to come adopt at!


Wow. We just stumbled across this story while searching for animal adoption websites from reading this had to comment as it's just an incredible sounding effort. The influx of numbers versus capacity makes the mind boggle. We have a page on a totally different sort of animal adoptions from UK charities, but it's nothing like the work you are doing on the front-line of animal welfare. Good luck with all the future efforts and I hope people realise that the stray populations of animals are something we are responsible for and must act humanely when we make decisions to deal with.

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