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May 07, 2012



Santa Fe? Wow, I don't associate dog fatalities with Santa Fe.


Read what you will into the 911 transcript but the words "My dog got a hold of him somehow." gives pause for thought...

Wright: "I don't know. I just got here. What the (expletive) else do I have to tell you, dude? Let me tell you one more time. And I'm going to tell you real calm. Don't make me (expletive) repeat myself again. I just got home from work. I live with my father. I take care of him. He's there on the front porch. It looks like my dog got him, for whatever reason. I don't (expletive) know what happened. I don't know how long he's been sitting here, ok. He's stiff as a (expletive) brick. What else do you need to know, homie? What else do you need to know?"

911:"How old is he?"

Wright: "He's 74 years old, bro."

While Wright was on the phone, Achilles, the pit bull, was running loose.

“They can't save him, dude,” Wright tells the dispatcher. “He's got a hole, there's blood. He's gone dude. My dad is torn up with flies on him, bro. My dog got a hold of him somehow."

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