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May 19, 2012



What kind of moron leaves a 3-day-old infant unattended with an animal of any kind for any reason?

jonathan provencher

i would like to know why the autopsy says "blunt force trauma" it says nothing about bite marks on the infant. perhaps this should be looked into a little deeper. then again , people are so quick to blame a "pit bull type" dog for everything. it is tragic for sure, a life was lost and that is awful. but in my opinion if a dog bit a small infant there would be signs of that attack. from what i have read, that doesnt seem to be the case.


I think the word you keep using "toddler doesnt apply to a 3 day old baby. A toddler is a child of walking age. I only point this out so people who may not have children will know what ur talking about.

pitbull friend

Can someone who has raised children sort this out for me? I am surprised to see that a 3-day-old child would be in a swing. Don't those depend on the child being old enough to hold his/her head up? Or is there something like a cradle that swings where that's not necessary?


Okay, likw "pirvull friend" I'm confused by this story as well. I realize a three-day old infant is not a "toddler" (that's okay, Brent, you have a lot on your plate) but what in the world was a three day old infant doing in a swing? I had no children myself but I do watch my sister's children on occasion,and unless swings have changed dramatically you don't put three day old babies in swings! Perhaps someone young with an infant can weigh in on this one.


My children had the baby swing, and years later they did have one come out with a cradle you could hook to it. My daughter especially loved the swing... but not as an infant... to use a swing on an infant, especially that small, you have to use MAJOR padding all around it. both sides of head AND in front so it didn't flop forward. basically you would have to papoose it in place. If this were the case, the dog probably couldn't even SEE the babies face. If it made noises, the dog could have been trying to "find it". Dogs are very protective. Who knows what this dog was trying to do, but like mentioned in other posts, an attack is biting many times over, shaking, ripping. A bite is totally different. However this happened, if the baby was too much for the parents to handle at 3 days old, DON'T HAVE KIDS! Now the poor baby is dead, and I'm sure the dog will be too, if it isn't already.


Infant swings are more like a cradle than like the seat-like swings. They are made for newborns and infants and the baby lays completely back in them. It seems to me that the dog must have somehow gotten underneath the swing and dumped the kid out of it or something, based on the "head trauma" diagnosis.

My question - if the parents were out of the room and didn't see it, how do they know it only lasted "a few seconds"?

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