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April 18, 2012


Jen Brighton

Although it's not really funny, I still couldn't stop from laughing that there was actually a law in Plymouth, MA, that required a pit bull owner to obtain a "wild animal" permit to have their dog. Talk about proof of the effect of false fear and hype. It's sort of reminiscent of the Salem Witch Trials.


Jen -- I had the same thought and almost mentioned something about it in my post...but yeah, I'm kind of detecting a trend.


As much as I disagree with the signage and insurance requirements the part that "required all residents who wanted a 'pit bull" to get a license from the city 48 hours before getting the dog and required the city to inspect the area where the dog would be kept before approving the license" isn't so bad and should be implemented for ALL dog owners


This makes me hopeful that Ontario will follow this example. :)


Tara -- there is no city on the planet that has the manpower to visit the homes of every dog owner in the city before they get a dog (with 40% of most city's populations being dog owners) -- especially given that a very small percentage of people will every abuse/neglect their dog (and most of them would not call for the city inspection, or would pass the inspection and neglect the dog later). It is a far wiser use of time to focus all of those resources on the cruelty/neglect cases in their cities and prosecuting them fully.


I just happened across your blog and read this article which seems to fit well with my purpose. My boyfriend is trying to move into a townhouse complex where many of our friends live who all have pets. We've met the landlord a few times and while he might be a bit strange, he seems like an alright guys. That is, until he told my boyfriend and his roommates that he would not rent to them because they have a pit bull and that they're a liability issue. I am a huge dog lover, and was disgusted that someone could be so ignorant. The dog is literally the sweetest thing in the world. I'm not looking up legislation and articles that may be able to make the landlord see reason, and if not at least so I can rub it in his face that pit bulls are not vicious creatures. I just wanted to say your blog is awesome and has excellent information for my cause.. keep it up!


now looking up legislation*


Chloe -- thanks for the nice words and good luck to your boyfriend. My guess is that the landlord's issues are insurance issues and not legal ones...where his insurance doesn't allow for there to be pit bulls there, not the law. Best of luck to you both.


OH yea, Tara, just what we need - the government approving who can and can't own a dog. Good grief. Smoking police, food police, SUV police, etc. etc., and now the dog police. I remember when people didn't think it was necessary for the government to be involved in every aspect of your lives.

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