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April 13, 2012



fingers crossed, but I agree that the Miami/Dade official sources and their media mouthpieces will be urging people to vote "no" because pit bulls are killers or whatever.

Dont be surprised to see the evil twins Colleen and Clifton make the trip there to promote their "statistics". For Miami/Dade to go "no BSL" would be a huge threat/affront to them personally. Expect Kory Nelson to speak up too, on how the city should have the right to make its own rules. Maybe someone will hire Tom Skeldon...

Advocates better have a sensational "get out the vote" effort.


Totally agree with EmilyS.

I do agree that attitiudes about pit bulls are changing, but my feeling is that they haven't changed enough that overturning the ban with a majority vote is likely.

Better get a lot of people on the ground there...


Agreed that we might see the dynamic duo and possibly Skeldon/Nelson as well (with, at the very least, letters to the editor).

I've attended a lot of city council meetings in a lot of different cities and one thing I've really noticed is that people who oppose bans are passionate and show up, people who support bans don't really show up indicating a lot less passion (in general) for bans vs against them.

This may or may not translate into the polls -- where to get the numbers they need they're going to really have to rally the average, non passionate person to a) show up to polls, and b) vote for a repeal. A tough sell for sure. But I do expect some significant advertising money to come into the market to support the repeal from national and local groups -- money the other side doesn't have.


Good pit bull news: "Andrea Taylor, Blind Kansas 5-Year-Old, Gets Stolen Therapy Dog Back (VIDEO)"

From April 13, 2012

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