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April 21, 2012



I found an article which posits that baby swings may trigger dog attacks:

A Facebook User

I see several issues here:

a.) The baby is left in a swing while the father sleeps in another room with the 3 year old? Who leaves an infant alone in a swing and then goes in the other room to sleep? Why not a play pen? Why not in the same room as the parent? That is mighty odd to me.
b.) Dogs and swings: I have encountered a number of dogs that will get aggressive with kids in swings. I remember an Australian Shepherd that would bite the kids when they got off the swing. I think this has to do with the herding instinct, and the frustration of the inability to deal with a constantly moving small live animal / person. This dog looked to me to be an Australian Shepherd / Golden Retriever cross.
c.) This was aggression, I'm sure of it. The child was dismembered. A fear bite is front teeth punctures. What they blocked from the article was a full description of the injuries. We can tell a lot from the type of injuries. Many of these attacks are skull crushing bites, and often cause the child to be decapitated. That happens when animals attack their own or the young of competitors. They go for the head and crush it, and they don't eat the corpse in most cases, unless they are males. Lions do it to other lions, for example. They go for a skull crushing head bite, and they tear the body apart. You can't assume a dog that is good with people is going to be good with an infant, because there is a different dynamic going on there.
d.) It takes time for a rescue dog to settle into a home. I advise people to take 60 to 90 days to learn about the dog. I'm not sure how long this dog was in the home.
e.) How many times do parents need to be warned that you don't leave infants and dogs alone together? You'd think that people would educate themselves more.

Sam Basso


This is where BSL type societies and fear mongering gets us. More victims. Thanks a lot to people who spray their anti-pitbull garbage. You think only pitbulls can kill someone, or that victims of nonpitbull attacks do not matter? Idiots.


1st I would like to say Thank You for posting this site.

2nd It is so funny how people were saying that the Baby must have already been dead & the dog was just taking it to the father & how it isn't of the Breed to Attack & Kill( lab). Then the second the Autopsy was revealed- they all started to shout " The dog must have been a Pit Bull". This is complete ignorance & this is why I will continue to post Dog Attacks everywhere I can.

Once again, I respect your work!

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