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April 14, 2012



From your link above the story from KTEN says that the neighbors dogs had blood on them and was being tested to see if it was the victims.


Yeah, there were several reports -- one indicated the dogs had blood on them, one indicated they MAY have had blood on them, and one other acted as if there was no doubt these were the dogs...I usually try to reserve too much judgment as these stories often end up changing a lot over time.


I'm not even sure blood on the dogs would indicate fault or not. If they were loose and went over to sniff him later, they could have gotten it on them too. I'd like to think there has to be more evidence than just some blood on them, but since they're pit bulls I know what will happen.


I wonder if it is possible, that since no one actually witnessed the attack, that the elderly man simple died and the dogs ate him? As gruesome as it sounds is not possible?. Is there proof that he was attacked and that he died from the attack?

randolpph  scarborough

we need to get deadly serious and kill all the dog breeders , dog nuts like you , and all dogs !!!


Nothing points to which side is more rational and in the right than the other side issuing death threats all around.


One thing is for certain - elderly people should not garden.


Any update on this story?


Nothing that I've seen Tonya.

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