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April 24, 2012



All I can say is I know someone who is apoplectic with all the repeals going on. If only I could be a fly on that wall at that house, just to see the steam coming out of her ears.

One of her minions informed me that Italy and the Netherlands repealed their BSL because it had been "so successful it was no longer needed".


LOL Sis -- yeah, I'm sure. Country's change successful laws all the time because of their raging success. It's why prohibition was repealed -- it was wildly successful in stopping alcohol. Oh, and then there is the pesky study in the Netherlands that showed how unsuccessful the law was that they fail to even recognized exists.


It's wonderful BSL is being repealed in some major locations but it appears MSN, laws prohibiting tethering, and laws/ordinances that target breeders are on the rise. That's purely anecdotal and based only on posts to the AKC Legislative Liaison list, NAIA, etc.

Oh well, never look a gift horse in the mouth, as they say. One horribilus at a time.


It's very rare for Cincinnati's city council to display any level of competence. Let's hope this is a rare exception.


Am I correct in believing that Cincinnati's ordinance is the oldest one in the US?

And add my LOL to the 'it was so good, it's no longer needed' rationalization.



Just realized the corollary to the 'so good, so gone' theory begs the question: Do we only keep laws that don't work on the books then?


Selma -- i don't know that Cinci's is the oldest in the US. It was the first, but the first one (I believe) was Hollywood, FL and has been repealed by the state law. Cinci actually had the law, then repealed it once, and then re-enacted it.

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