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April 01, 2012



that is sooo cool. Good job everyone! May you all have more days like this.

Lorraine @YVR

This is wonderful; You guys are truely amazing, hope this news spreads to many many shelters.
As an avid pet Mom with two current vacancies in our home (and there is always the "emergency cat slot" an event like this in our neighbourhood would have likely seen a +1 to our family!

Dianne R.

We had a tremendous turnout for the Mega-thon here in DC, held at
with booths set up in the parking lot for six other shelters. The last I heard on Saturday we had adopted out 88 dogs and 14 cats. Among the dogs were the usual pit bulls but also a horsey faced bull terrier. All gone. Only 2 dogs left at WARL.


Awesome Dianne! Sounds like it was a great success for everyone. Let's hope we can all leverage the successful weekend into future successes.


This is soooo great to hear!! I wish all shelters would do this so we could prevent euthanasia!!!!


Awesome news! All shelters need to do this instead of killing animals.


I am so glad you are doing this work, wonderful!
We are all about health for pets and just wanted to say I really like your blog! Dogs and cats are lucky you are there. Still don't understand why people take on the responsibility of an animal before doing some research about care needed. Simple things like exercise and yard care etc.
A friend of mine has a product that is called Fluid and is of course liquid dog and cat supplements that we use for our dog. It's a new product and because it is liquid it is easy to administer. Thought you might like to know about it.

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