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March 15, 2012



I was very glad to read this. For years I've gone to shows in Lake Saint Louis at the National Equestrian Center and I thought the motel was in Lake Saint Louis. I only recently discovered it's actually in Wentzville (when I read the sign on the motel window prohibiting weapons, by order of Wentzville city code. Amazing what you find out when you read, LOL).

the Wentzville ordinance is an old one that dates back many years. It's good to see they've changed the ordinace, but at the same time I've believe they've added some language that will make it more difficult for hobby breeders to live in Wentzville.

Pets R Family

Their is just no need to discriminate against dog breeds, they're all cute and very loyal if you give them your heart. It all has to do with the trainer.

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