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March 25, 2012



HSUS is pulling up stakes in Missouri and putting its resources into the federal P.U.P.S. legislation, which is starting to gain momentum - because that's what our federal government needs to worry about. Dog breeding.

P.U.P.S. is somewhat similar to PAWS, which was sponsored by then Sen. Rick Santorum, who keeps trying to convince everyone he's "pro-agriculture". Keep trying, Rick.


New video from the FDA. In the category of saving lives, but unrelated to any of the above posts, from the blog:

"An unsettling video released today by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Center’s for Veterinary Medicine cautions consumers of the health dangers associated with pet food: foodborne illness and disease.

Working from the assumption that pet food might be contaminated, the video brings to light how you might avoid becoming ill if you follow some basic, commonsense food safety guidelines. And what steps to take should you suspect a pet food has adversely affected you or your pet..."

See "New FDA video: Safe handling of contaminated pet food in the home."

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