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March 29, 2012



yes: Sigh


it is completely heart breaking.


Poor Kyler. :-( It sounds like he was failed many times before it even got to this point.

My question is - how did he get behind that fence?


jenn, it sounds like the fence wasn't a complete fence and while it was around most of the property, it wasn't 100% enclosed. The dogs were chained, so to the owner, complete enclosure wasn't necessary to keep the dogs contained. So he simply went around the fence and got in.


This is a horrible tragedy ... Kyler never had a chance. Children like dogs never get to make decisions. Unfortunately anti-Pit Bull organizations (like one based in Austin) are literally jumping on this story to push their Breed ban. They are completely ignoring the background of the parents, the treatment these dogs had to endure(chained), their training (hog hunting) and the complete lack of security around the property ... The dog's owner is the real culprit and should be punished.

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