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March 01, 2012


Lisa in OH


Montecristo Travels

We are new to your blog and enjoying the read so far. Although we did not adopt, we do support a local organization called Hopeful Hearts that work to find homes for the ones that even the local shelters just wouldn't take as they are seen as “undesirable or not adoptable”. A lot of senior dogs come their way. We are always amazed at the level of patience, courage and dedication the volunteers have. All these dogs are cared for through foster homes. Not a kennel or cage in sight. So yes, when we see the media starting to use dogs other than the “North American" ideals of the yellow lab, the golden retriever and of course everyone’s favorite - the Collie ... it warms our hearts. Having said that … we still would never drink their beer. Yuck.

pitbull friend

Thanks for that, Brent. What a wonderful ad! I love that the pittie types are "strong, powerful, low-maintenance, family-friendly!" Someone's listening to us!

Mary Haight

Thanks for that, Brent - so great to see pitbull types in a positive light by a major brand =)

Chris in Ontario

The video poster says this has not aired on TV. They say it won 2nd place for a Chevy/Mofilm competition. In the comments, they say:

"I WISH Chevy would air it. Maybe if they got enough emails....? Ha ha!"

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