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February 17, 2012


H. Houlahan

McKeesport is the deepest form of rust-belt/Appalachian entrenched poverty. It is a sad, sad place in so many ways.

I will give the local Pittsburgh media credit -- it is rare that it jumps on pit bull hysteria, or any kind of breed hysteria. There was a pit bull in the home where the husky killed the baby, but that fact is well-buried in the article, as it should be.

John Richardson

Great article and I share your exasperation over how much the tone of the media coverage changes depending on the breed of dog (real or alleged).


More info came out about the Alberta case. There were four dogs, purebred Siberian Huskies, that were used for urban sledding of some sort. Very well cared-for if the pix are anything to go on, seemed to live in the house but not many more details are available about what happened.

'Husky' types are the number one killer overall in Canada and the number one killer of children. We have had one fatality in Canada, ever, attributed to a 'pit bull' type and in that very sordid case, the victim was an adult. We average zero to two DBRFs annually, nationwide.

Here's the report from the Globe, there are over 100 stories on this in Canadian media (go figure).

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