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February 21, 2012





Awesome news!


This is great news, though your headline is a little bit misleading...the statewide designation has been removed, but communities are still free to implement/continue BSL at a local level.

Some people have mistakenly believed that passing HB 14 would remove any local breed-specific restrictions in Ohio. This is unfortunately not the case.

Still, it's a big step forward.


Good point Joel. I don't mean to mislead with the headline and you are correct, individual cities do have the ability to pass breed-bans on their own (and no doubt, many already have them and will keep them). I do think the large vote swing toward a breed-neutral law does show a changing attitude toward what does constitute effective canine legislation that will hopefully be noticed by the vast majority of municipalities in Ohio.


I hope so too.

I have just seen comments elsewhere saying that "finally, a state gets it" and "I wish my state would have a law like this", when in fact all this law does is bring Ohio up to the standards of the 36 states who do not ban breed-specific laws.

It's a great day for Ohio, but it only means that they have caught up to other states, not that they are somehow leading the pack. But hopefully things will continue to progress in Ohio.

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Finally,Kasich does something good.


I tangled online with one of those pro-BSL folk.

She insisted Ohio's law had been repealed because of dog breeders and some mythical folk she referred to as "dogmen".

When I pointed out that the Netherlands and Italy had also repealed their BSL, she replied that was because it had been so successful.

It's nice to see some common sense for a change, and all dog owners, regardless of what type of dog they have, owe a huge "thank you" to the animal advocates who have fought so long and hard for this.

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