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December 12, 2011


Lisa in OH

Planning to be there but not real thrilled that it would have to go back to the House


So, this Bill has passed then? I just checked the website, I'm not sure how your system works.



Almost all US states have 2 legislative groups, the House of Representatives and the Senate (the state of Nebraska is the exception and just has one house). Each law has to pass both house with the exact wording. When that happens, it is then sent to the governor for signature (which usually, but doesn't always happen at that point).

HB 14 was a House Bill -- and passed the House of Representatives. It is now being heard by a small committee in the Senate. They had hoped it'd be voted on today, but wasn't. Now, my understanding is that there have been a couple of amendments added -- so once it passes the Senate, it will have to go back to the House for re-approval because there is some different language.

So at this point, we need it to pass the Senate (where it currently resides), then get passed by the other still a fairly long way to go on this one at this point but it is making progress.


If you follow BAD RAP's Facebook page, Donna has been providing some real time updates (she is on the scene in Columbus).

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