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December 23, 2011



Petition to Aurelia City Council:

Kim Wolf

Beautifully written! Thank you!


I tweeted and Facebooked (do the same please): #BSL is just plain BS! - More evidence why BSL is just failed policy #pitbull #dogs SHARE


This man better win! I have signed the petition and sent it on. I read Snickers is just 1/3 pitbull. Why can't he be known for the 1/3 lab?

Ted Moore

There has to be more to this than meets the eye.

Even the densest politician on this community's Town Council would have had to have recognized how spectacularly foolish this action would make the town look. My guess is somebody has it in for Mr. Sak, not the dog, and chose to think with his or her reptile brain when seeking retribution.

As a result, we have a pristine, laboratory-quality set of facts and law which will, in time, lead to this Council's national humiliation and, I'll wager, its complete turnover in the next election cycle.

In the end, Mr. Sak and Snickers will be presented with some sort of award by that new Council. That's what happens when politicians forget to be subtle when exercising their personal agendas with public time and money.

Jennifer Brighton

It sounds like a case of, "The Federal Government can't tell us what to do in our own town." Look at Denver...Talk about going rogue.

Dianne R.

Thanks to Animal Farm and Kim Wolf looks like we won this one.

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