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December 21, 2011



Garden and Gun has been my absolute favorite magazine since it was first published. I read that article last week and didn't even think to foward it to you.

I agree, it is nice to see a well written article about the bully's!


This article prompted a lengthy back-and-forth on Andrew Sullivan's hugely popular blog, which ended on a positive note, thank heaven:

Be sure to read Bronwen Dickey's excellent follow-up here:

Happy Holidays! [dashes off to vacuum before guests arrive]


Luisa -- thanks for posting these. I had completely missed any previous discussion on this and only stumbled across it when a copy of the magazine randomly arrived in the mail at the office earlier this week. I think Dickey's comments very much mirror my own experience -- where I had an idea in my head about 'pit bulls' but no real idea where it came from. And yet, the actual research was completely different than what I had actually believed. I love that she called it a rabbit hole she couldn't help but venture down -- because, well, it was one I ventured down and here I am, 7 years and more than 1,000 blog posts later, still exploring the rabbit hole.

Jennifer Brighton

Just this week, I met a couple whose goldendoodle was jumped by a pit bull at an off leash dog park and had numerous bite wounds. I felt terrible, but when they started denigrating pit bulls, I was quick to let them know I have two pit bulls, including a therapy dog. The husband was understanding; the wife started arguing with me, telling me that Alberta and Denver have banned them and that it's "in their DNA." I set her straight on Alberta and tried to explain Ontario is moving towards abandoning BSL when she corrected herself, but eventually she just turned her back and walked away from me saying that pit bulls are bad dogs.

I wish I had the above independent thinker quote to hand to her and had gotten their email address so I could send some info., but she was just not willing to listen, even after I explained my prior dog had been pretty severely bitten by a golden that required a few trips to the vet, but that doesn't mean I don't like goldens. Didn't matter, pit bulls are vicious in her mind and nothing I could say would change her course of thinking at this point.

I always question whether people who think this way should own any breed of dog as they obviously do not understand dog behavior. I told her husband it's probably better to stay away from dog parks and find a group of dogs their dog gets along with well and have play dates. Then incidents like what they went through are much less likely to happen.

pitbull friend

Thanks for calling my attention to this delightful article, Brent! I'll have to check out her blog, too - she's obviously an excellent writer. I'm not leaving this rabbit hole any time soon, either.

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