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December 05, 2011


Rudy Kazudi

If people like me (who are not professionals, but who follow the successes in no-kill communities) know how things can improve, why don't the professionals there, and in other locations, know? They clearly have not done much research to try to solve their problems, but instead are on the verge of codifying more killing. I think the people who are complaining are somewhat justified to slam such deadly ignorance. That said, your quick analysis clearly surpasses all the best thinking that Cumberland County's "professionals" have been able to muster, and that does not bode well for their future performance. New leadership may be required.


Good suggestions - I hope the county gives them due consideration.

Cheryl Huerta

This is GREAT Brent. Actually I was recently contacted by a local county shelter who had heard of our pit bull advocacy to work with them on a special spay-neuter program that they are putting together for pit bulls. Our county animal shelters here in the Portland Oregon area have come together to create a coalition and one of their top priorities is spay and neuter. I'm sure that if Fayetteville were to contact this organization here they would be more than happy to share information that could help Fayetteville. I commend them on admitting that they don't have all the answers and on trying to find another way than banning adoptions of certain breeds. Let me know if you need my assistance. Regards, Cheryl Huerta


this is the way to get around military housing restrictions... register your animal right away!!!


I recently adopted a dog out of San Jose, CA shelter. It was hard to impossible to find large dog in a shelters around here. I spend weeks looking for one. It seems that the only way for me to get rottweiler or chow was to buy it from craiglist breeders. I thought that large dogs are rare, but now after I read your post I wonder if local shelters adopted same policy. I wish it would not happened for your county. Not all people want to adopt small dogs...

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