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December 09, 2011


H. Houlahan

Those of us of A Certain Age, who grew up on SNL, are known to earn things "The hard way ... one quarter at a time."


I never went the "rescue" route. I always believed that if I wanted to create real and lasting change, I need to make change from the inside - within the shelters and organizations that have the control and/or have the *actual animals*. That's why I have taken the jobs that I've taken, jobs that seemed impossible and jobs that took a toll on me physically and emotionally.

It is one thing to argue for change at an organization, it is quite another to be a part of the solution by rolling up your sleeves when the opportunity for change presents itself ... stepping into the role.

I offer you my strongest support for taking on the challenge by diving into the toughest job. It will be the hardest thing you have ever done yet ultimately the most rewarding.

Call me any time ;)


I found this post to be really refreshing
As a staff person at a shelter that is slowly but surely moving towards significant reduction in killing, all we get day in and day out is the criticism from a local No-Kill shelter that the solution is so easy we should be able to change literally overnight. It's easy to be on the outside looking in, but much different being on the inside making the change happen. Change (even change that is desired) is not easy and not quick

Looking forward to hearing more about this new venture


Have you read "Tipping Point" by Malcolm Gladwell?

One at a time is how change starts... keep it up and you may hit a tipping point.


Congratulations. I hope this blog will still continue even though I realize you have a busy path in front of you.


Amy -- the plan is to keep the blog going. And hopefully sharing some of our experiences so that they can be a learning tool for others who are trying to create similar changes in their own communities.


You are a force for good, Brent. We're fortunate to have you in KC. I'm repeatedly inspired by your words and your example. Thanks for all you do - Crystal (Leavenworth County Humane Society)

Cheryl Jewhurst

Brent, you wrote this December 9th. Since then I've seen an article being circulated that the KC City Shelter was overrun with animals after only the first week of trying to go No Kill.

I was told that the shelter is receiving support from the "national" no kill organization and was wondering if you could up date us about how it's going there now, a month later?

I really liked this post you wrote. Very thoughtful and one that bears reading repeatedly whenever one feels frustrated at the slowness with which change comes. These animals are dying by the thousands every day and it's little wonder that we pull out our hair in frustration because it doesn't have to be that way.



We're certainly not getting financial support from any national organizations. Moral support maybe, but not financial or other tangible resources. I'll be posting a few updates in the coming days -- but our numbers for December (a month of co-management) were very good, but we entered 2012 (with Jan 1 being our first full day in full management) WAY beyond capacity for the shelter. We sent out a plea for help and receive an overwhelming support from the public. It's been an amazing transition an while we're nowhere near where we WANT to be, we're in much better shape than the animals were before we got there. Again, more tangible numbers to come.

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