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November 15, 2011



absolutely wonderful :) - I would like to hear Boomer "sing," too.


PTSD is tough and as far as experience has taught me it never really ends, it just gets better. Boomer seems to have the perfect family and I'm thrilled you shared this letter with us!

Jennifer Brighton

I remember the Boomer story. So thrilled to hear he continues to be loved by a supportive family. Thank you Boomer's family for not giving up on him. We need more people like you in the world.

pitbull friend

What a great story! So happy for Boomer, who endured hardship only to luck out THREE times! Thank you for the update, Brent, and thanks so much to Boomer's family for their patience and love.


When is the book coming out? I think it would be a wonderful read from what I see here. Also, it could help serve as a guide to helping understand rescue dogs. I would buy it! One for me and one for my local library "SMILE"

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