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November 30, 2011



Thanks for the article! We are hopeful here in Ontario.. The fall of BSL is coming.. together we'll beat this!


A TRI-Bill. Heaven for those of us in OnSCARIO who have to endure darconian laws.

There is much hope based on this new bill going forth and more importantly thousands and thousands of citizens who will continue to fight for equal rights again in Ontario.
Keep tuned in Brett, as there will be no white flags on OUR doors.

Patty Yuraitis

yay....finally!!!! :))


Oh I hope and pray this bill is banned. So many poor pit bulls were put to sleep for no good reason! What a terrible and short-sighted law it was. I'm not a Conservative Party supporter, but I am on side on this one and am glad to see other members of the parties are too.


OMG..I meant this bill is repealed and the ban lifted. Sorry!


Oh I am so relieved to see that we have at least one voice from each political party. If it wasn't for Hillier of the Progressive Conservatives, MPP CHeri DiNovo of the New Democratic Party (who has sponsored previous repeal efforts) and MPP Kim Craitor of the Liberal Party we as the working, dog owning and constantly being ignored people of Ontario our home, would have no voice at all. It is because of your open mindedness and belief in the good of humanity that we can see these pawsitive possibilities... We all owe you much thanks and a paws up!


This is a very good step in the right direction. I pray this ban will be overturned and our precious fury family members will be safe again. TWO BIG THUMBS UP !!!!


Great! I'm so glad "our" voices were heard and they're making a positive step in the right direction!!


:) the ban should have never been put in to begin with. pitbulls are the most luving and tender breed i know.

Bev McMullan-Kungl

Well, it's about time!!! It's too late for all those innocent dogs who have been put down already, however, it will save those in the future. I really, really hope and pray that the bill passes. One step at a time! My thanks to Randy Hillier who tabled the bill.


It's about time ppl realize it's the owners who train the dogs not the breed that are the problem. It seems we would rather blame an innocent animal than admit we as humans can be at fault. Of corse it's the animals that have caused all the problems of the world, it's time we wake up and look at what we ( humans) have done and start fixing it. We are not only responsible for what we do but also for what we do nothing about.

Lorraine May

Best news I had all day...great way to end a sucky day and remember there is some hope for change.


How horrible that responsible pitty owners have to suffer because of the ignorance of one Michael Bryant who probably had his way paid through college


I really hope this goes through Its not the poor pit bulls its the bad owners that give these dogs a bad name the abusive owners should be bannded not the dogs all dogs bite is the law going to ban sheppards rottis next because they are known to bite. Im more scared of the little ankle biters. People need to stop talking bad about pitbulls saying they bite It makes me sick that so many got killed for no reason just because they look or are pitbulls its sad we need to all step up and change this BSL Ontario we can do it God put us all on this earch aswell as pitbulls not for the law to kill these poor loveable innocent dogs really hope the bill goes through :)


Yes! Go Cheri. :)

 Steph S. send your MPP in Ontario a message via this site! We need majority of votes in favour of Bill 16 on Feb. 23 this year in order to get to the third reading - please tell him or her you expect them to be present at Queens Park that day and to vote IN SUPPORT OF BILL 16!
We must give these Pit Bulls, Amstaffs and Staffy Bulls a voice!


I really hope the pitbull ban becomes a thing of the past. It is incredibly unjust to ban such an adorable and lovable breed, just because of irresponsible owners. They are absolutely gorgeous dogs, and it is heartbreaking to know that so many pitbulls have lost their lives unnecessarily. I pray that the bill goes through and that all pitbulls and staffies get the freedom they deserve.


Hello from Florida,

Congrats on the progress of this repeal. As a pitbull owner I'm so happy that someone with a political standing like Mr. Hillier see's what we see as responsible owners of a beautiful breed.

Well done Ontario!


My husband and I are expecting to travel throughout the US and parts of Eastern Canada. We were appalled to hear about the mistreatment of Pits and by association their owners. My daughter and her family have owned pits for many years and they have all been wonderful. loving companions. In fact one of their dogs lost her life protecting her owner from a venomous snake. It was a very sad loss for them. To hear that a pit could be condemned to death simply by their breed is archaic and unthinkable. Hopefully the lawmakers of Ontario will see the error in their ways and repeal this horrible law!

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