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November 07, 2011



Great post, as always...

We are a public shelter in OH that adopts out pit bulls like any other breed. With that said, we are filling up with them since the state still has statewide restrictions on them that make them harder to own, which does turn off many potential adopters. If anybody can help by taking a couple into their more pit bull friendly states, please do let me know.


I forgot to post one final thing, many of our pit bulls have either gone through basic obedience classes, and some of them have their Canine Good Citizen.


I like the shelter in Carroll County, Georgia that took in 902 cats and killed 904. did they kill two of them twice, LOL?

Nevermind - my husband just reminded me cats have nine lives. ;-)

But seriously, if other cities are like Kansas City, Missouri I can guarantee you they're seizing animals from perfectly good homes for perfectly stupid reasons, and that needs to stop.


Carianne - one of the things that disturbs me about BSL is public servants give no thought to the impact on the shelter and rescue system. Where do they think dogs and cats go when the government rips them out of their homes?

I really like it when cities pass BSL but put a clause in their ordinance that allows licensed rescues to come in and take "pit bulls" out of the shelter. Since most cities pass BSL because the breed is "inherently dangerous" it makes perfect sense to allow them to go to another city to kill and maim people. Either that or these folks feel guilty about killing pets and cities with multi-million dollar budgets expect rescues with a couple of thousand dollars, if they're lucky, to clean up their mess.

Carianne, you stated your shelter is public, so your hands are tied, but it really grates my nerves then private shelters under contract to cities continue to play into their madness. Private shelters need to start telling these municipalities they will not renew the contract when it comes up again unless BSL is rescinded, and the city can stack crates full of pit bulls in the mayor's office. We have far too many shelters around here that are nothing more than enablers.


Loudoun County Animal Care and Control did not sue the state. Somebody sued them because of their stupid policy on killing all pit bulls except the ones they allow to be taken by Misunderstood Pit Bull Rescue or one of the 2 or 3 all breed rescues they actually work with (they are horribly unfriendly to all-breed rescues), and Loudoun County fought back and won. VA has statewide legislation that prevents BSL, but there are no laws anywhere preventing shelters from killing whatever breeds they want for whatever reasons they choose.

Jeanne Odell

I have a pitt bull/ shepard mix and she is one of the best dogs I have had. She strives to be a good girl. I recently decided to foster a little pitt /mix from the Mahatten NY shelter(I live across the state in Western NY)she was about to be put down and they said she was dog aggresive. She has been in my home for almost a month and she has been a very good dog to have. Pitt bulls are very sweet. It is the people that have the problem. She is also a cuddler.Just like people don't want to be profiled dogs shouldn't be .

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