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November 08, 2011



I think the next logical step is to start killing another breed with teeth. Then another. And so on until you get down to the only dogs alive being toothless and nobody gets injured by a bite. Working!

Ted Moore

Let this situation and the bizarre defense thereof by the politicians and bureaucrats that created it inform us all.

If an electorate demands, or even tolerates, legislation this disconnected from reality in the name of keeping it "safe" (because doing something, anything, and quickly, is always better than thinking things through, especially when "public safety" is at stake), it deserves the loss of freedom that always result.

Tho dogs, however, do not.


This is the logic we see in other cities as well. Lies, damned lies, and statistics - to quote a famous Missourian!

Jennifer Brighton

How can anyone in rescue (I guess the title "Animal Control" says it all) be proud of these statistics? Randy Barnts sounds like a real animal advocate. NOT! I couldn't even go to work each day knowing what they are doing to innocent dogs.


@Jennifer - "Animal control. It's not about the animals. It's about the control". (yea, I stole that from the NRA and gun control).

Jennifer Brighton

@KMK - Yes, these "control" issues show people's true colors.

My yard is overrun with non-native Eastern grey squirrels who steal our birdseed and suet, chase away our native squirrels and torment my dogs to no end, but I swerve around them on the road because I can't bear to hit one. I'm still traumatized by the pigeon I ran over two years ago, assuming it would get out of the way. Crunch!

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