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November 21, 2011


Crystal Wayward

Thank you for constantly keeping track of the developments surrounding BSL. I rely on your blog to help keep me up to date and I learn something new with every post.


Boston Terriers? Wow, someone actually recognizes them for the little terrorists they are, LOL.

A dog training club member got a Boston from the Central Humane Society in Columbia. (I assume that's the place on Rangeline Road). His daughter was in college and found it in the shelter. he ended up putting a UDX on the dog and competing in the AKC obedience invitational.

Good blog, Brent!


When we remember that about 7 million dogs are acquired by Americans, each year, it proves the notion of pet "overpopulation" is a myth.

Sure, not all the 1-2 million dogs killed in shelters each year can be adopted (for a number of practical reasons), but we can do a much better job than we currently are. Once all the calculations are done, there are at least 4 million more homes acquiring dogs annually, than all the dogs killed in shelters. There isn't an overpopulation problem, as much as there is a shelter overcrowding problem, with a general, societal apathy multiplier.

Ted Moore

Sit through any political focus group of "randomly selected likely voters" and listen to the quality of thought applied to decision-making about any public policy issue or the evaluation of any candidate for office. Sobering, isn't it?

What this will tell you, in my view, is that the animals in our care are best served if we simplify our message, keep it relentlessly positive (horrific photos of dead pit bulls will change the minds of very few "average citizens"), and appeal at least as much to emotion as to reason.

We're doing all this at our local shelter, and our key performance indicators, as we call them, are all trending in the right direction as a result.

Anger and frustration are understandable responses to what volunteers and professionals "in the business" experience almost daily. Giving in to either in our public communications, however, seems to radically decrease the likelihood of pulling the "average potential adopter" and his or her family into their local shelter or rescue when the decision is made to get a new pet.


My county shelter in Ohio killed nearly 3,000 pit bull type dogs in 2010. Due to Ohio BSL, and a policy requiring rescues to show proof of a million dollar insurance policy and sign lengthy contracts, only 599 of the pit bulls who entered the shelter were redeemed by their owners or rescued by a non profit. It's heartbreaking to see the faces of so many sweet dogs and puppies, knowing that they will soon be slaughtered based on arbitrary physical features. I'm praying that people continue to push Ohio Senators to pass HB 14 so that we can begin battling to save these amazing dogs.

julie inflorida

Overpopulation is NOT a myth. SOUNDS LIKE SOMEBODY DRANK THE NO KILL NATION KOOL AID. The shelters are busting at thr seams. Millions of animals killed in the shelters, yet there is no overpopulation. That is not logical to even say there is no overpopulation. If that were the case...why does every city in America have a kill shelter? That myth has been disproven over and over. By the way, the president of NKN is a breeder! ! Public knowledge. Research that group before you jump on the band wagon. I was fooled too. Beware. They are not what you think. Want proof?? I have solid proof they are in this for money. I was devastated. Randy DeCarlo is on facebook. It is open. He is in Liburn Georgia. He collects the data. Read his facebook,blog and see the numbers, truth before deciding to believe their garbage. They are revolting. I went in undercover. I was disgusted. I have to state for the record that this is my TRUTHFUL OPINION SO THEY WONT THREATEN ME AGAIN. Want the is collected on many sites. Start with will lead to more solid proof.


Julie -- Randy DeCarlo? Really? This Randy DeCarlo?

Listen, I don't care if someone is a breeder or not. I do care if they are making progress and moving to save the lives of animals (which breeders can, and do, do).

In places where they have made efforts toward No Kill and embraced the tenants of No Kill they have largely been very successful at achieving it. And I can assure you that almost no one gets into trying to save animal lives because of the money.


Um....Julie? You'd sound more credible without the childish remarks, and with some factual data.

As I indicated already, approx. 7 million dogs are acquired each year in the United States. Each year, 1-2 million dogs are killed in shelters, while about 1 million are adopted from shelters. That leaves at least 4 million American homes that are looking for, and acquire, dogs, over and above the 1-2 million killed and million adopted. FOUR MILLION MORE HOMES!

It is the term "overpopulation" that s obviously the myth. MILLIONS more dogs are acquired each year than the number killed AND adopted through shelters COMBINED. ...MILLIONS more.

I specifically wrote, "There isn't an overpopulation problem as much as there is a shelter overcrowding problem."

Just so you know, Julie, I worked with, in, and on behalf of shelters and rescue groups for almost 40 years. I did my first volunteer work at a shelter in 1974. I trained dogs for 30 years, and was one of the canine aggression experts for a major metroplitan shelter for about a decade. I have been involved in (my breed's) rescue for 20 years, in addition to having worked on various canine legislative issues, conducted pointed research, spent 20 years as a responsible ownership instructor and advocate, having written minimum dog care guidelines adopted by several canine groups and community associations. I have never been associated with the "no kill" movement...even though I feel the goal is an admirable one.

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