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October 05, 2011


Jess @InStyleDog

Hey! That's the exact quote we chose to use for our adoption spotlight on our blog! We call it the Second Chances Spotlight and that quote is the first thing you see on our video page :) It's here if you'd like to take a look:



Bad first impression with the typo in the title! But apart from that, this is a great writeup and the differences in the pictures on Donna's blog entry really are striking.

Whenever I'm out walking one of the dogs at my shelter, I try to get out my smartphone and take a few pictures (usually me trying to capture both the dog and myself in a photo). Some are good, some are junk, but I forward the good ones on to the shelter staff and they'll add them to the dog's profile. It's a no-lose way to add a little more personality to the dog.


I agree that first impression is really important. This is a great article. Thanks for sharing.

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